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17 minutes of me time

Just because your time is consumed with juggling nappies, kids’ parties, or teen social schedules, it does not mean you have to look as exhausted as you feel. While you’ve been trying to find a moisturiser that hides the fact that you’ve been tired since 2012, you’ve been sacrificing more and more of that precious thing called “me time” – a rare commodity that most moms forego in favour of their family’s needs. But here’s the thing: you need to be kind to yourself so that you have the capacity to be kind to others too. And this needn’t involve expensive cosmetics or invasive surgery or a week alone on an island (although it is tempting); it could be as simple as a hair makeover. When you feel like tearing your hair out with frustration is when you should actually be booking your next hair appointment!


"Me time" is not a luxury, its essential to maintaining your sanity in between preparing healthy, yet appealing lunchboxes; coordinating the school and sports timetable strategy; and policing homework and last-minute projects the day before they’re due. According to research, the average mother gets only 17 minutes of “me time” daily – most of which is spent either catching up on the latest series, reading, or enjoying a well-earned cup of tea. “Over the course of a whole week, looking after children and going to work, as well as doing the lion’s share of the housework means that the average mother gets less than an hour and a half of waking time to herself,” states The Daily Mail.

Me o’clock is all about rejuvenation and rediscovering your identity outside of being a mom. If that sounds like a slice of sanity, make sure you don’t miss our free offer at the end of the article. What better way to reconnect with yourself than with a hair make-over?

Experts advise that this year’s hair styling trends revolve around celebrating natural individuality – from the texture to the cut, and everything in-between! So, go make yourself some tea and use the next 17 minutes to start planning a visit to the salon with these 10 inspirational looks for 2018:


Find out if blondes really do have more fun, either with a complete colour makeover like Selena Gomez or by keeping the roots dark underneath and having your stylist blend out the top to a butterscotch blonde.


Opt for an undone updo for a classic and elegant look characterised by soft layers around the face. Think romantic and whimsical… think red carpet-ready!


Super short lengths are in style in 2018. So be bold and make the cut with a variety of cropped styles, particularly with geometric ends.


The Lob has made way for the midi cut, or Mob, another great in-between option that’s a mid-length bob but shorter than a lob and typically brushes the collarbones.


If shorter hair is your thing, opt for a super blunt bob. The return of strong architecture is back with striking blunt lines and defined angles.


Clearly short hair is in this season – but not too short. Funky, messy chops are a great showcase for healthy, shiny hair. Hello crop top!


Smooth pixies are another answer if you’re yearning for a bold chop. To style, create an even, wet look using a styling paste. So feminine and chic!


Barely-there waves work well with medium and long hair – just use your straightener to create a few subtle waves here and there for an elegantly tousled and utterly ravishing look.


Air-dried hair like Miley Cyrus’ lustrous tresses showcases this year’s trend of natural textures for a look that’s pretty and damage-free. Taking airhead to a whole new level!


Long, shiny, healthy locks are always ultra-feminine, as worn by Katie Holmes. Don’t be afraid to make use of extensions to get her lustrous look if length is what you’re after.

Now is the time to reclaim your fame as a modern mom. Whether you choose to call it pampering or self-preservation, this is the year that you choose your hairstyle – not the other way ‘round! It’s one thing to aspire to be the perfect mom, with tantrum-free, vegetable-loving little angels; but when it comes to your “me time”, we’ve got you covered.

Enter Espavo Hair Design. Our name is captured in the ancient greeting, “Thank you for acknowledging your power”. This is our promise to you: to empower you with the best insight into the latest trends and general haircare – and to boost your self-confidence by the time you leave our salon. We offer services and products all designed to help you to reclaim your power as a woman, and we do this in proud association with Schwarzkopf Professional.

We embody the power of inspiration and believe that every woman needs to be reconnected to her sense of self. Click on the button below and claim your free cut with us between Monday to Thursday, until Thursday 29 March. We look forward to offering you some thairapy while you take time out with your book, your tea, or even your G&T in the tranquillity of our lush garden. Welcome to a slice of sanity; welcome to the world of the modern mom; welcome to Espavo Hair Design.

For enquiries please call us on 010 597 6689. You’ll find our beautiful salon at the VIP Village at 182 Hole-in-one Avenue, Ruimsig.